The key strategic issue

today is people

With the emphasis on employing the whole person, rather than just their skills, DNLA plays a significant part in all aspects of the employment cycle.

From the selection and recruitment of job starters, experienced candidates and returners, team building to issues of engagement and retention, employees can be encouraged and supported to fulfil their potential.

This is based on employee self-awareness and employer insight, with specific aspects as follows:

  • Select the right people who are suitable for a specific role with the associated challenges and responsibilities. 
  • Benchmark candidates against criteria for the work and responsibility you need them to fulfil. 
  • Identify those with potential to achieve and deliver your business obectives. 
  • Support Employee Assistance, Wellbeing and Wellness Programmes. 
  • Identify those most likely to become a management issue 
  • Assess those carrying too much stress in their lives and may benefit from support. 
  • Resolve poor performance / dis-engagement issues amongst groups of staff at all levels. 
  • Build teams that will work well together for common obectives. 
  • Cost effective alternative to Assessment Centres. 
  • Avoid costly and time consuming Employment Tribunals. 
  • Enoy managing a motivated and productive workforce. 
  • Meet financial targets and add value to your human asset. 
  • Achieve sales targets, bonuses and shareholder expectations. 
  • Achieve your business strategy and aspirations through employing the best people available. 
  • For senior executives assist with career de-railment and career changes.

Management Assessment

This is a separate assessment for those in Management at all levels including Supervisory roles and assesses

Leadership Quality

Authority, Delegating Responsibilities, Involvement, Legitimacy, Need for Performance, Staff Development, Self-confidence, Responsibility for Staff.

Co-operation and Consensus

Influence, Identification, Image, Communication Skills, Conflict Behaviour, Building Consensus, Co-operation, Handling Power, People rientation, Team Work.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Personal Standards, Handling Information, Readiness to Make Decisions, Innovation, uality awareness, Accepting Responsibility (Risk Behaviour), Systematic Approach

The issues raised in the Management Assessment are interpreted alongside the Social Competence assessment to seek additional insight into the causes and identify development needs.

Management Stress Assessment

Stress in the workplace has become a maor cause of below par performance, dis-engagement and employee retention amongst others. This assessment was designed to pre-empt these situations and provide support as necessary.

Sales Potential Assessment

This is a separate assessment of behaviours associated with successful selling and related to the sales cycle of Rapport, Attention, Analysis, Quote, Review and Closure. The issues raised in the Sales Potential Assessment are interpreted alongside the Social Competence assessment to seek additional insight into the causes and identify development needs.

Team Development

When a group of employees form into a team they take on the sum of their members’ social competences, and can influence its overall performance. By analysing the impact of adding or removing a member the overall performance can be improved.

HR Balance Sheet

Looks at three levels of engagement: Fully engaged, partially engaged and actively disengaged.


Company Climate Analysis

It is not uncommon for managers and those they manage to see issues from differing perspectives and draw different conclusions on action to be taken. This assessment is designed to locate where those differences persist and suggest remedial actions to avoid repercussions.

How we can work with you

As part of recruitment and selection for new employees, promotions and appointments within an organisation.

Reviewing performance and engagement issues within an organisation to assist with training and development needs of existing employees.

One-to-One consultancy for succession planning, Board appointments.

Assessments can be provided as a bureau service for single, group or projects on an on-demand basis.

Pilot schemes are available to ensure the full value of DNLA assessments can be obtained.

Alternatively, for more routine and across organisation reviews when large numbers are involved a Fixed Rate Scheme is available for in-house consultants use for unlimited assessments according to needs based on an annual contract.