The key strategic issue

today is people

Fundamental research

DNLA - the Discovery of Natural Latent Abilities is based upon fundamental research on "Social Competences" developed by Dr. Strasser of the prestigious Max-Planck Institute, Munich, under the management of Professor. Dr Brengelmann. It was then fine-tuned for the needs of today's workplace with the help of other academic research, coaching and human resource expertise. Subsequently this knowledge has been applied to other aspects of working life at all levels.

DIN 33430 Process audit

DNOP - Das Deutsche Normenzentrum für Organisations und Prozessdiagnostik e.V (German center for norms and organisational and process-diagnostics e.V. (inc. soc.) Prof. Dr. Walter Simon, President; carried out the certification and process audit according to the DIN33430 standards for DNLA.

Requirements for proficiency assessment procedures and their implementation

Participants in the DNLA process are entitled to a full technical explanation of the results and the proposals for appropriate development and training, such as those are specified in the DIN 33430 standards, by a certified and accredited DNLA Consultant.


DNLA GmbH, Emsdetten, Germany: Center of Competence and Holder of the world-wide rights to DNLA ( Continuous updates and add-ons to the DNLA tools, data-pools, available versions for further countries and cultures.

Validity and reliability

The calculation of validity and reliability was carried out by "E-value", Institute of Business Psychology and Evaluation, University of Lüneburg, Institute Director: Prof. Dr. S. Remdisch (Department of Evaluation & Organisation) and Dr. Dipl.-Psych. A. Utsch, 2003.