The key strategic issue

today is people

There are many companies and organisations, working with DNLA and with our partner network in order to develop the potential of their employees and executives, improve their teamwork and to equip them with all the qualities and resources they need to achieve their goals, to be successful today, and in the future!

The following corporations, SMBs, banks, service providers, non-profit-organisations and public agencies are just some of them:

We have many longstanding clients, some even with trained and certified inhouse DNLA-experts.

If you are interested in learning what these companies do and achieve with DNLA, see the following examples and cases:

Implementation a new corporate culture and value system: DNLA & DNLA HR balance sheet at BoConcept

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Integration and development of sales teams, internal placement and new placement of employees, leadership development programs and HR development are some of the applications of DNLA at Bayer Health Care

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HR development and Career Advancement Programmes for High Potentials: DNLA at E.ON

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