The key strategic issue

today is people

Our Philosophy

Anodos Discovery comes from a background in management consultancy, in particular the number of times when a strategy is agreed then the questions asked, “Who is going to make this happen?”

Every day of our lives we need to relate to the people around us, we make decisions about them based on the way they behave towards us and respond accordingly. All aspects of business life are about relationships with customers and clients, between managers and employees and colleagues across departments and other organisations.

So why do we not include understanding these behaviours when deciding who to do business with or work alongside?

Over the last decade or so it has been observed that the German economy has outperformed that of its neighbours, in particular its medium sized (Mittelstand) companies. There may be many reasons for this, however, employers do place greater emphasis on potential and talent and invest long term in employees starting with high quality apprenticeships.

To achieve this, a brief was given to a Max Planck Institute of Cognitive Sciences to identify those qualities indicating an individual’s potential which proved to be their behaviours expressed as ‘social competences’. Following consultation with employers and relevant professionals across all aspects of employment a family of assessment instruments known as Discovering Natural Latent Abilities (DNLA) were developed.

Anodos Discovery played a part in the research for DNLA and became the Partner for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, on behalf of DNLA GmbH the holders of the world-wide rights to DNLA.

Our Vision

With DNLA we can assist organisations achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Mission

To work with individuals in identifying and developing their latent abilities and talents to achieve success. To work with employers and managers to achieve corporate success by valuing employee potential and talents.

Our Values

Integrity - we deliver what we promise

Passion - we do all what we do with full commitment to both employers and employees alike.

Empathy – we will understand both employers and employees points of view

Quality – we will continue to offer the best in research into human potential

Change - we will enable change by enhancing organisational engagement to achieve business growth

Anodos Discovery is keen to work with companies, organisations, consultants, coaches and other professionals wishing to add a world-class instrument to their portfolio which can broaden the criteria used to ensure employees potential is maximised.