The key strategic issue

today is people

The nature of employment is changing significantly:

  • Globalisation, technology, social media 
  • Labour markets expect more from their employees 
  • Costs of recruitment, dis-engagement and retention are high 
  • Move away from command and control to more collaborative management 
  • Employers seek high-quality employees and apprentices to invest in for growth 
  • Being clever is no longer enough 
  • What you can do now is no measure of what you can do in the future 
  • Behaviours towards all parties are critical to business success 
  • Jobs must be fulfilling as well as providing income 
  • Inter-generational preferences now include work/life balance and well-being

People are now the key element of competitive advantage which requires greater diligence. The usual approach taken to identify, select, engage, develop and retain employees at all levels needs additional measures.

DNLA (Discovering Natural Latent Abilities) includes social competences, leadership styles, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, potential and much more.

Introduction to DNLA


  • Based on world-class fundamental research 
  • Designed by Academia, HR Managers and Coaches 
  • Independent ongoing validity and reliability data 
  • Delivery and process meets DIN33430 standards 
  • Assessments for all categories of employees 
  • Total of 23 Social and 25 Management factors 
  • Benchmarked profiles based on client needs 
  • Ease of application and record of achievements 
  • Compares with and cheaper than Assessment Centres 
  • High Performing Teams & Company Climate Analyses 
  • European wide client base


  • Competitive advantage from quality of workforce 
  • Individuals self-awareness and employers’ insight 
  • Staff development based on competences 
  • Release the full potential within all employees 
  • Insights into employee qualities and their talents 
  • Factors mapped to client values and behaviours 
  • Selection rather than recruitment of candidates 
  • Improved engagement and retention of staff  
  • Succession planning based on applied talents 
  • Invest confidently in staff for the long term 
  • Minimise career de-railment

For employers, the selection of competent people is vital to achieving corporate success. For managers, the issue is to meet performance targets whilst maintaining motivated and engaged employees.

DNLA plays an essential role in meeting both of these challenges and the ambitions of all stakeholders in the organisation.